How to get Arc and Line from FamilyInstance

Hello all,
I’m trying to write a python script to get the length of selected conduits and I’m running into a problem with the conduit fittings because they are of the FamilyInstance type which are not line based and so they have no curve to query the length.

I have a dynamo script to get the total length of selected conduit, and it has node (1-Element.Curves) that takes the selected element (elbow) as the FamilyInstance type (2) and returns an Arc and 2 Line objects (3) which can be queried for length.

Anyone know the function or method I can use to get the the Lines and Arc objects from the FamilyInstance object of a conduit fitting?


Hi @Mr.Shickadance,

I’m not sure, but have you tried the “Element.Geometry” node?

in case anyone else might be looking for this info.

i looked up the bend radius and angle parameter values of the conduit fitting and then use this formula and i get the exact same number that comes out of Curve.Length node after Element.Curves node separates it into an arc and 2 lines and passes it to the Curve.Length node.

(3.14 x bendradius x angle)/180

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