Deleting unused family parameters

Does anyone have any experience with a Dynamo script that would delete any parameters that are currently not being used in a given family?

Any help is appreciated.


hi @mcobb

what is your criteria for unused? for example, there is an unused parameter but have a value, do you still consider it unused? (sorry for that dumb question but I want to know your criteria).


  1. Archi-lab’s Elements.Delete node does work on ParameterElement, so you are able to delete them.
  2. Think about how you can identify which parameters are unused. Clockwork has a suite of nodes that pull FamilyParameter information. You will need to determine if the parameter has a value, is controlled by a formula, and/or drives a dimension/array.

It is a good question. I guess it is tricky to truly test if a parameter is of no consequence. I could see searching to see if a parameter met a few simultaneous criteria. For example:

  1. Is a “Length” parameter.
  2. Is not deployed to any dimension in any view.
  3. Is not in a formula that drives any dimension in any view.

Thanks for thinking about this.