Delete family built-in parameters

Hello everyone.

I am trying to create a dynamo that deletes certain parameters of a family that I have open, but there are certain elements that it is not able to delete.

Do you know if it has a solution?

Thanks a lot!

Not sure if this will help, but maybe separate the “project” vs “shared” ? this is what i use… hope this helps.

This method seems to collect only user-created parameters (list does not include built-in parameters).

Note the effect of deleting ‘Louver Height’ (dimensional constraint + included within ‘Flow Check’ formula). Related formulas are also deleted, so be mindful of what you delete…

Clockwork package has a few familyparameter nodes that show associations between parameters, elements, and formulas. You can play around with those in order to determine ‘useful’ parameters versus delete-able parameters.


Hi @Robert_Younger .

Reading your answer I have seen that I can´t eliminate are built-in parameters. I’m looking for information on how to eliminate them but I can’t get any information, do you have any idea how to remove them?

thanks for your previous answer

hi @cesar.tolentino

For the parameters that I am trying to eliminate it does not work for me, but I have found another utility, thank you very much for sharing with me