Remove all parameter from family

someone has a script that removes all the unnecessary parameters of a family?

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How do you know if they’re unnecessary? No value?

correction. I want to remove all parameters of a family that has been put by a manufacturer to place our parameters

Don’t know if someone has it. Let me know how the one your making goes.

More than anything I’m wondering how you’d find these specific parameters via Dynamo in the first place.
Also: why do you want to?

Try dowloading “DanEDU” package and using its “FamilyDocument.RemoveParameter | DanEDU” node

Or if you have some python knowledge you cant start from looking here:


Perfect !! thanks !!!

If a comment solves your problem please mark it as solved (and maybe leave a like here and there).


no problem. correction done :wink: thanks @erfajo

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Helped me a lot! Thank you!

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Hi Sir,
Can you please help me to solve this issue. Facing same problem.