Delete a family only for an active view in Revit

Hi guys,

I was wondering if it’s possible to delete a specific family only for the active view in Revit.

let me explain with an example:

I open a project and then open ground floor, first floor and second floor. Then I go back to the first floor (so the first floor is the active view now) I would like to run Dynamo and delete a specific family ONLY for the active view…
Do you think it could be possible?

Thanks guys =)



Do you want delete a specific element? What do you mean exactly with “a specific family”?

Hi Paolo,

No I don’t want to delete a specific element.

Let’s say that in my project I have for each floor:

  1. pipes for domestic cold water

  2. pipes for hot water

  3. pipes for drainage

I want to delete pipes for drainage ONLY on the active view (it could be a section, a floor plan or a 3d view)…

Do you think it’s possible?


Thanks =)

Daniele -

If you delete something (a model object, not a detail component) from Revit in one view, it deletes it from all other views as well. But if your intention is to use the active view as the selection filter (i.e. everything i see in this view i want deleted from the model), then yes it is possible.

Just use the “All Elements in Active View” node, then feed that into the Archi-Lab Delete Elements node.



So, Daniele, you want to delete all drainage pipe in active view.

You can do what @Ben write, but if you have these drainage pipe in some other views (not active) they will disappear.

Hi Daniele,

Thanks guysssssSSSS!!! =)