Filter list of elements by active view?

As the title says. I have a list of selected elements in my script, all elements of this family type is being selected to join by coordinates in a later phase of the script.
Now my problem is; the script is calculating too much on big projects so I want to change the scope of it by filtering the list of all the selected element types to the current active view only.
How do I filter a list of elements by the active view?

There is probably multiple ways, does this node suffice?

Normally it would, but in my script I want the selected types of walls to only join with eachother and not all the type of walls in the view. So in my case a list of types of elements (walls) need to be filtered by the current view before it proceeds to the next phase. Any node or set of nodes that would be able to do this filtering?

See picture below:

I am trying to filter this list with elements by the current active view so it doesn’t take all the wall elements into the next part of the script. Any way to do that?

Turns out it was really easy and I was being very dumb again.
Used 3 nodes for it: