Select elements in Active View - only

I have Dynamo routine that looks at specific family types and then tags the family based on the type. Works for active view only. Changing Active View or View specifically, does not change the results. The routine will always return and run only for the original view. Can I select only those relevant items in the view, tag, and move to another view, and run the routine again?

try the “ActiveView” node from springnodes.
you might also need to add a true/false boolean to reset the node.


Hi Yien, thank you for your response. Good suggestion and I did download Spring Nodes and try the ActiveView node. It did not solve the problem, though.

Thank you,


Could send the graph?
I’ll take a look.

Yien Chao

Hi, Attached is the graphic of the DYN. Is this what you are looking for? I’ve read that you can’t actually change the ActiveView with Dynamo. Can that be right?

Thanks for your time looking at this.