DataShapes MultiInput++ not working in 2.6

Hi All,

Just installed R2021 and testing out scripts with Dynamo 2.6 & Dyno 1.0.2. I noticed some weren’t triggering so i opened it up in dynamo and noticed that the MultiInput++ ui is not popping up but im not receiving any errors with that node? I’ve installed the latest Data-Shapes package but still no luck, anyone have any experience and know how to fix? These scripts work fine in 2018,2019 & 2020.


Stupid question but do you have the boolean input set to true?

yep it is, i’ve managed to work out it has something to do with the ‘Apply Default Values’ message that pops up, however, that only appears if you have Dynamo open. Is there a way for dynamo to apply these default values every time or do i need to save a copy of the scripts after accept the default value? (saving over isn’t possible as this will ruin the backwards compatibility)

This dialog is triggered from the view extension when the script is opened and needs manual validation.
Can you elaborate on why the default values would ruin backward compatibility?

Well this is an issue for a few reasons:

These scripts are triggered via a dyno ribbon, users aren’t launching dynamo to run these scripts so the validation will never appear.
I have manually validated the values but it seems i need to do so every single time i want to use the script (unless i need to save the script after validating?)
If i do save the script in dynamo 2.6, that ruins the backwards compatibility as i won’t be able to use it in R2019, R2018 where it is still required as thats dynamo 1.3

Ok i see
Yes you need to save the form if you want the value to stick.
As far as compatibility 2019 is using 2.X but 2018 is not. I’d simply use 2 versions of the script.

thanks for the suggestion but looks like i was able to solve it by reverting to an earlier 2021 data-shapes package, it’s a shame not having the latest features but a cleaner solution that duplicating all the scripts.