Data Shapes UI organization

Hi all,

can somebody point a direction on how to handle this issue? Can it be solved without digging into related package?



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How about changing width and height of UI?

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Tried it all, however, change just doesn’t affect those parts, it only moves the size of the overall UI and the size of the labels…I would say something has to be changed in the part of the script where these nodes sizes are defined (in both cases Conditional Input)…but I am not sure where in the script since my Python knowledge is very limited

Did you group inputs?
Well, they built many variables that derrivate itselves from width and height of main UI. The calculation of those contraints is very complicated.

Not sure what you mean by grouping…if you have some time on hand I have attached UIs…maybe am I doing smth wrong

UI Issue2 .dyn (61.1 KB)
UI Issue.dyn (33.2 KB)

I meant that one. After using that they can look like better. I had that problem, too.
I will take a look at your Script but nowadays I don’t have much time.

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Hello @Marcelo.Rak ,

Yes, you are right and this type of problem is coming only in “ConditionalInput Data” node,
this is a problem of space allocated for particular cell.
@Data-Shapes package.

Hi @honeyjain619 ,

can that cell be added, or is there any workaround?

I tried to find out some solution, but no result,
may be you can write an email to data-shapes for fixing this issue in next package version,

But you can change your input style as per current available solution,
As you wanted to do conditional input,
Currently in the same pop-up window you are providing conditional input (In which we are facing some UI Problem)
So you can have 2 pop-up UI window for selection and 2nd pop-up UI window will depend upon the selection of 1st popup.

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Had this turn up in a POC graph I built today as well. But a bit worse actually.

In my case I managed to get a tolerable result by adding new line characters to the label, but even then things weren’t perfect. Give this a try for now.

Hopefully @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi will be able to shed some light on the situation if not. :slight_smile:

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Could you share example, please.

Hello @Vladimir ,

I am not sure what type example you are expecting,
Are you looking for the example for 2 pop-up window for conditional input?
which i have mention in below content?

Thanks for the clarification.

I did a few changes which seem to fit, however, it would be nice to have this resolved.


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