Data shapes text covering

Hi, anyway to stop text cropping over things in data shapes?

Consider making it a text note if it’s more of an instruction. Alternatively new versions give you an option to increase the space for label widths.


With only these two inputs, converting to a Dynamo Player UI might be an option; doubly so the improvements to player from 2023 on.

Never really got into the dynamo player UI, everything’s with data shapes to be consistent. Worried about introducing it and confusing people

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Hi @vanman ,

If you have the most recent version of Data-Shapes on of the inputs in the MultipleInputForm++ has an option to change the width/ starting offset of your inputs. (Such that the checkbox or textbox starts more to the right).
If you are working in an older version of Data-Shapes you unfortunately don’t have this option.

I think it was added for Revit/Civil3D 2023 and up, but I’m not sure.

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