Data-shape tweaks to the python code

Hi all,

Two questions:

  1. I am getting some elements of a Data-Shape input panel cut off, and I am not sure how to revise the python script to adjust… There is a Boolean input that does not display the checkbox…

    I have already tweaked the python script for the “UI.MultipleInputForm ++” node so that the list of levels would fit within the form width, but I cannot make the boolean input to show the checkbox… From the border of the “Room Name Contains:” group you can tell it goes outside the form width… Is it because it is within an input group, within a conditional group?

  2. The Data-Shape input nodes are absolutely priceless, but I have found needs for some additional features, like controlling the size of the buttons at the end of the form, and other alignments items (as mentioned above). How do we go about these types of edits? Should I ask Mostafa if I can share the modified node? But, most importantly, should I ask him to include the edits in future releases, if possible at all? My edits are just about tweaking numbers in the formulas, and pulling out additional inputs from the script so that I can adjust things in Dynamo, but I have quite little programming skills in Python. In other words, anything I did should be double checked with someone who knows Python. These are more feature requests than anything…

Thank you (and thank you to Data-Shape!)



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Have you tried extending the width of the data-shapes window? if you use the MultipleInputForm++ it is the last input. Edit: that doesnt seem to solve it, i think you just have too many inputs grouped together. (I would delete “SELECT ROOMS” and put that into the explanation note.

For the second question do i also not have enough python knowledge, maybe you could DM the developer of the Data-Shapes package.

Have you tried reducing the height of your ListView box?