Data-Shapes - "UI.Listviews Data" Doesn't work


It’s my first post there and i’m trying to work with dynamo about 2 days, so please be forgiving to me :stuck_out_tongue: I was looking on threads similar to my problem, but i didn’t found a solution. By using data-shapes package I’m trying to create the “UI.MultipleInputForm++” with some datas . I have a problem with attaching " “UI.Listviews Data” Data" to the “UI.MultipleInputForm++”.

I’m going to create a list of sheets, where you can choose the ones you need. I’m doing exactly the same way of connecting wires like other users, but my “choose window” doesn’t display first of all and the script doesn’t work roperly i think.

Please look at this what I did. I’m working at dynamo, and Revit 2017.2

Hey there,

“Inputs” expects a list, so you can try this :

I did what you mentioned but it doesn’t change anything. Everything stays the same unfortunetly. Mostafa_El_Ayoubi Is a Master of Data-hapes Nodes as i can see on other threads. Maybe you can help me ? :slight_smile:

I attached logo and now it works. I was sure that it is optional function so i don’t need to do it… What is strange that my collegaue didn’t attached the logo and it works too. It can be cause by version of Dynamo maybe.

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