File directory from string

Hi everyone,
I am having some issue with a workflow I was attempting to create:
I used Datashape node UI.MultipleInputForm ++ to let the user choose the filepath location of an excel file and the sheet name.
The output is a string (picture 1).
My problem is when I try to feed the index 0 with the directory in the node who is supposed to read that excel file. I realize that the node doesn’t recognize the string as a path…(picture 2)!
Is there any solution? Maybe a node or some python script?
Apologies if this has already been discussed but I tried to search on the forum and couldn’t find anything.

picture1 picture2

Did you try using this node to convert the path to a file?


thank you so much!! I was sure that I already tried this but turned out I didn’t…
I fell stupid ahah
Thanks again