Data-Shapes - MultipleInputForm ++: Drafting View Output Error

DataShapes_Graph Output Error.txt (143.0 KB)

Hi Everyone,

Hope you can help me out with the following error? Refer to attached screenshot and text file with the error output.

Would like to push this graph to a drafting view but it returns this error? Using Revit 2022.1.1


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Hi @stefan.oberholzer …yes i had same issue in 2022, probably @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi could bring light on that issue ??


Recently I also had this message with another add in, there was reference to the Microsoft.NET framework.

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Yes…dont think datashapes is build for 2022 in the moment…

#edit…it should work on 2022…yes think there are other conflict there

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Is DataShapes working with R2023? Same error here…

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yes i have the same issue here in 2022 havent tried in 2023

has this issue been resolved yet?

dont think so. Last package installed. same error . Bests (revit Data-shapes

This has just been fixed in v 2023.2.108 of the package


thats great :wink: thanks

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