Getting error when I open dynamo program in dynamo player

Hi all,

I’m getting the error below when I run the script in dynamo player. Not able to understand what is this. Can anyone help me to read this?error%20dynamo

Thank you.

Delete all of your addins and packages for Dynamo. Then restart Revit and try again.

This is usually because you’re launching Dynamo Player with Dynamo 1.x, and have a Dynamo 2.x graph. Open Dynamo 2.x, close it, and then launch player and see if that fixes it.


This works, but it’s very clunky for our users who are already scared of Dynamo as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree 100%. So do both of the Revit and Dynamo teams. So much so that starting in Revit 2020 there is no way to have multiple Dynamo version on the same Revit build - you’ll only be able to launch one version so problem solve. Also easier to manage deployments and installations too.