Dynamoscript does work in Dynamo, but not with player


I have the problem that my dynamo script works in Dynamo (and also after closing dynamo with dynamo player), but when i restart revit and execute the dynamo player i get this message:

Somebody knows what that means? How can i fix it?


The graph is likely 2.x format, and it appears you’re launching Dynamo Player for 1.x. Launching 2.0 then closing 2.0 (no need to open a graph or run it), then opening player should resolve.

Long term solution, you could remove 1.x versions from Revit and just use 2.x, or you could rewrite the graph for 1.x format.

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Shit!! No It has to be on 2.x, because of the data-shape nodes.

So I removed version 1.x and now it works.

Thank you a lot!!!

Now I have to remove all dynamos 1.x on 50 computers and install 2.x.

Kind regards

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Do all of your Revit updates to the latest builds first. Outside of 2020 they all install a version of 1.x which will propagate across all Revit installs.