Dynamo Player Not working

When Dynamo player is run, it opens fine, shows all the office scripts correctly, but when the Play button is pressed, It keeps on spinning. The only way out is to kill the process through task manager. This is happening across the office, on Revit 17.2.3, and Revit 18.3. I haven’t tested other versions of Revit. This started happening sometime in the past 2 months. I don’t know the exact date, so can’t pinpoint an event (software update or such) that may have lead to this.
But because of this, we are unable to use any office standard scripts across the office for non-Dynamo users.

Has anyone else run into this? Any idea about potential solutions?


Graphs all run without issue when run via Dynamo?

Does task manager show anything odd when this happens?

Does that happen with all scripts, or only specific ones?

To answer your two questions:

  1. The Graphs run just fine without any issues when opened and run in traditional Dynamo. Our current office standard install in 1.3.3. Dynamo will open fine if it is opened first. If the Player is run, then killed via task manager, then if we I try to open Dynamo, it does nothing. I can click the button, but there is no result. I have to exit out of Revit, restart it, then run Dynamo. Everything works fine then.

  2. I am attaching a screen cap of Task Manger. I can’t tell if it is showing anything unusual.


This happens to all the script. I have eliminated the possibility that it is a script related issue, or that it is a machine specific issue. It is happening for all scripts, on all machines in the office(or at least the random sample I tested).

Based on what you’re describing and the timeframe, I’m leaning towards a bad installation… did you ever have player working with 1.3.3?

We had player working fine with 1.3.3 across the office for a long time. It went bad in the recent past, which I can’t pinpoint when. Also, it went bad for all machines. So, I am skeptical that its a bad installation.

Lance Coffey of Autodesk helped me find the solution to this. So it turns out the latest release of AVAIL Revit Browser adding (Version is the culprit. It prevents normal functioning of the Player. The solution is to disable the Addin till a new version that addresses this problem is released by the makers of AVAIL. I have informed them of the issue. Hopefully they will have a resolution soon.

Developer here at AVAIL – the underlying issue was due to a third-party assembly that both Dynamo and the AVAIL Browser for Revit utilize. It appears that if an assembly with the same name is used by two separate addins, Revit only loads the current or newest version that it encounters during the startup process. In this instance, the AVAIL Browser for Revit’s version of the assembly in question was loaded first, and had ignored Dynamo’s version.

A new version of the AVAIL Browser for Revit (v3.2.4.0) is available to download that addresses this issue. If others are experiencing this as well, you can download this version by going to https://getavail.com/download


Hi @ djusticeCFHWF! Could you say which assembly was in conflict with Dynamo?

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