Cut Floor Geometry With Generic Model

Hi I’m trying to create a workflow in dynamo cut geometry of slabs with a selected generic model and have got a bit stuck. Sorry new to Dynamo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is as far as I have gotten, seems to list the elements fine but doesn’t cut them when run.

Sorry I should state the generic model has a void sweep within it

Use Element.CutGeometry instead (Clockwork package).

Floor Based Generis Model will cut automatically when you place the can be done with in Revit …

I don’t believe it will when it is within another generic model?

Where should I place this in the above flow?

Try with Attached Family

Test.rfa (356 KB)


By the looking at the Family OP is using i doubt you want to use a Floor Based Family in this case…

I’m working in 2018. We are still getting jobs in 2018 so basing it there so I can load into later versions of our template. I have attached the initial families I am working with to create our own Public Health - Drainage - Cranked (Circle).rfa (628 KB) Public Health - Drainage - Straight (Circle).rfa (484 KB)

Just use the node from my previous post…

In my opinion it is better to answer the original question @_Vijay.
Now this is topic is only getting more confusing and got nothing to do
with Dynamo anymore.

I’m still not entirely sure where I should be placing the node. I have tried at the end and still no luck.

You should use it instead of the node you use now (CutGeometry).
You also don’t need the List.Create node.
The Element.CutGeometry is pretty much self explanatory.

Post your updated graph (with the new node).

Still no luck I’m afraid

It works for me.
Set Lacing to Cross Product (right click the node).
Is Cut with Voids When Loaded selected in the Family?

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Beautiful, That has done the trick!!

Mark as solution please.