Cut or join geometry

I have still problem with join geometry or cut geometry…
Sometimes work sometimes not…

If work join/cut only one item…the other not…must manualy in Revit…
I used spring or clock node…

Is there some bug or doing some wrong.?

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I need cut generic models elements with eletrical model with void for cut some other elements.

I used this…

used solid and instance …:frowning:
still dont work…?
any idea?

Hai all,

I am new to this dynamo, I had done a project on revit.

Now I want some details on how to join floors and structural framing in a revit file by running dynamo, because it is consuming time to join floors and structural columns individually by join command in revit. I heard and seen some videos on dynamo that we could run join geometry automatically by dynamo nodes.

Please share some video tutorial regarding floors and beams join geometry in revit by dynamo. It could be very useful for me.


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have you tried to cut your geometries using the “cross product” option ?

Hi everyone !

I have the same problem but in Dynamo.
After Download Clockwork pakage i try this node but nothing happend.

All the “elementToBeCut” aren’t cut by “cuttingelement”

I tryed vectorial combinaison but that is useless in my case.

I use Dynamo 2.0.2 and Clockwork v2.1.2