Need help List view schedule - "insert data row" and Custom fields

Hello guys, newb here but I am able to create sheets from excel, both sheet and populate the schedule.
Is there a node that will act as the INSERT DATA ROW in schedules so that in my case I am not creating actual sheets?

Also, is there a better way to just get the two indexes from the main list to get my sheet number and name without having to break the list ?

Is it possible to create custom sheet parameters based on the excel list or even with a code or string block so that I can bring in ALL the information on the excel sheet?

Thank you guys, I currently testing creating an empty schedule with little success…

guys and gals below are some custom excel field I want to import with the sheets. Any hints on how I can accomplish this? It would be great if with in dynamo I could just create the project parameters or would that just be two different graphs that need to be run in order?

Thank you