How to get schedule fields formulas?

Hi All,
I’m quite new to Dynamo and I would like to do the following: (Simple Sample Schedule image provided below) …

Actually what I would like to do is to read the calculated value FORMULA not the value listed in the schedule . as I want to list these formulas as a summary for the working strategy .
( I have around 97 schedules in my file and its quite hard to copy these equations manually . !!! )

Thanks in advance

am interesting in this topic,
@Kulkul , do you have an idea if this possible ? it’s useful if we can do it.

As far as I know it’s not possible to read data directly from schedule calculated fields.
You can:

  1. Export data.
  2. Import it again.
  3. Assign data to model elements as parameters.

It’s easier to collect elements in Dynamo using same criteria as in your schedule. Make calculations using Python or Code Blocks and save data as parameters to elements (the will appear in schedules same way as calulated values) or export to external source.

well ,this will not work in my current case as I have already established my schedules .

and I need urgently to extract these equations :frowning:

@yasmeen-212, Did you ever have any success with this? I’m trying to determine if schedule fields are parameters, calculations, or combinations. I’m assuming if you completed your task from above, you were able to make this determination.

Make calculations Using Python Or Code Blocks How it works ?
Can u give any example