Custom Rebar Mark

Hi guys,
I am trying to make a rebar mark taking into account 3 values:

  • Diameter Code
  • Form Code
  • Length of Rebar (in centimeters).

However, I have not achieved it for two reasons:

  • The length of the Rebar does not match the model.
  • The value of Length appears with zeros

The lengths are in feet, you can either convert it or use the get parameter node in the MEPover package. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next release of Dynamo.

It had not occurred to me that they were standing, thank you. and for the zeros (0.00000) you know how I can do to leave only the whole value

Try the string.split node with . as separator. BTW you can download the latest beta version of Dynamo here It should have the units fixed.

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Thanks, I worked perfectly, use the MEPover node and the string.split node.


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