Custom Node adding extra layer of list that contents do not create

I have a custom node that is made of a python node with a combined (OUT = var,var) output and a code block used to separate the outputs into two custom node outputs. The python node/code block combo generates the appropriately nested list for my script. However, when put in the custom node, an extra layer is being generated. Unfortunately, I’ve been away from Dynamo for a little while and am unable to think of the way I’ve mitigated this behavior before. In Grasshopper, this would simply be an issue of whether the python/custom node input was set to single or list input, controlling how many times the node ran regardless of input elements, but here, there is no such option.

Any help with / insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Finally got down to the bottom of this one, mostly due to fixing an issue in another node sort of similar to this one so I thought to look at something I apparently hadn’t before. The second input, that is supposed to be able to take a list, was not set up to take a list. When I first created the node I specified a type that the input accepts, name : string, but failed to make it accept a list of strings (string[]..[]), so instead it was forcing the node to run multiple times, generating the extra list layer.