Custom node returning same data for every loop?

Hello all,

So, I have a pretty long dynamo graph that returns a length, width, height, and point value so I can place a family instance w/ the point and change its parameters with the l,w, & h.

For some reason, when I convert this graph into a custom node to loop over multiple elements I get all the same values returned for each loop (except for the point, which is strange).


I initially tried to create a family instance inside the custom node but for some reason (and I’m thinking the same reason causing my issue now) for every loop it returned a value of the same family instance instead of a different one for each loop.


When I use the graph on its own it works perfectly, so its an issue with how the custom node is looping and returning values.

I hope this makes sense, please let me know if I need to clarify anything.

Thank you for any help in advance!

Impossible to tell without seeing your code but I’m guessing you aren’t appending each output. Try using list levels to force the node to run on each input separately.

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@Nick_Boyts is right, you haven’t given us nearly enough information to actually help, but just looking at the results you have a very deeply nested list for just single value results. I would look at how the code behind is appending or setting values for the OUT.

I apologize for not providing adequate information. I wanted to keep the question clear as possible since my graph is quite large.

As for the code appending the OUT, it is just however the custom node works when you convert a dynamo graph to a custom node and feed it a list of inputs to loop over.

When I get a chance I will provide more information.

Thanks for your initial response!

No I am not appending each output manually, that is just however the custom node returns values by default. I don’t fully understand what you are suggesting with the list levels at the moment but I will look deeper next time I get a chance.

Thanks for the response!