Curve Sweep as Solid PROBLEM

I have a number of curves and specified a profile and wish to create an extrusion, however, it is having the problem.

There is a problem stating:

NO_X_LAT_TOSURE – Lateral curve does not intersect to surface

What does this mean and how can l resolve this?

Any assistance much appreciated.

It’s hard to tell for sure from this image, but my guess would be that the profile you are trying to sweep doesn’t lay directly on the path curve.

You should assure that the profile you are sweeping is placed on a plane that is perpendicular to the curve in the point of their intersection.


I am still having issues. However, l agree with your conclusion.

How would l remove gaps between curves?

Sadly this does not work for me.

I still keep on getting the same error.

The path comprises of 1000+ curves

I can only assume there must be gaps within the path??

Or the profile isn’t in the right place. Can you post your DYN for others to review?

Hard to tell not seing the code. It would be much easier to diagnose if you posted your definition here.

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The code is not beautiful, however, something must be wrong. No doubt my doing.

PointsForUpstand.dyn (35.1 KB)

Ok, so not knowing all the inputs, my guess is that you have two lists (paths and profiles) which are not matching. For the sweep node to work you need:

  1. Two corresponding lists: each curve must have its associated profile,
  2. Each profile to be placed perpendicularly to its corresponding (poly)curve.

If you have only one profile, than you have to join all your 1000+ curves into one and then make sure that condition no 2. is true. Where do you take your profile from?

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I have regenerated the curves / polycurve and all appears well, however, when l try and draw a profile located a one end of the curve, it still comes up with the same original warning.

Could you post a complete screenshot of your graph showing the warning?

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