Trying to sweep along intersection


I’m trying to sweep a profile along an intersection with Revit geometry and just can’t quite figure out how to properly define the profile to be swept. I’ve tried creating a surface by various methods but when I plug it into the input of the sweep I always get an error — sometimes it states that the profile is tangential to the sweep path. So I rotate it, but then it still doesn’t produce the desired effect. I know I’m overthinking something that should be simple so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I’ve figured out the sweep issue, but I realized my intersection was actually creating two closed loops (imagine the plane cutting the shape; since it has thickness it produced two loops of edges).

So I’m now using a different approach by using the sketch lines that make up the roof shape. The only problem is that I can’t figure out how to get these sketch lines to be used as a sweep profile. Any ideas?



Okay so I did a little more digging and found I needed to use the CurveElement.Curve node to convert the sketch to usable lines. However, I’m still getting the below error when I go to sweep. I want a defined profile to sweep as a solid along the sketch lines, and actually be positioned along that path. I don’t want it based on the location of the curves to be swept. I apologize as I know this is a novice question - but I’m still new to Dynamo and am trying to learn.


The rectangle has to be drawn along the path, in the position you want it to be. You can define a plane along the path and them draw the rectangle there. For the curves I think you need to make a polycurve joining your indiviual curves then feed it to the sweep node


Gotcha, thanks Rodrigo.