Creating voronoi patterns on a curved surface

I wanna create a voronoi pattern on a curved surface which is created by patching a 3d nurbs curves
But after I created a voronoi pattern based on this surface, some curves are sticked out of the surface, also some points failed to be referred to even though I inputted UV of them as well.
Why did it happen like this? Or are there any better ways to create a 3D voronoi structure on a curved surface?

Hi @duiyi20022

Similar topic was discussed here


Hi, thanks for your reply.
I tried solutions in your link but It seems they don’t work in my case.
At first I tried to make a voronoi pattern on a rectangle surface and remap it on the object surface, but it has a twisted shape so UV values in 2D rectangle surface doesn’t make a good pattern when I remapped it like the picture below.

I found a similar topic here: Broken Voronoi Cells
just like my problem in the picture below. I’m trying to attach an evenly vonoroi pattern on the object surface.

And here is the link of my files on google drive:
Any advice would be appreciated!