Voronoi curves are out of the surface

Hi all ,
I am trying to make a voronoi on a simple surface , the resulting curves look chaotic and are not projected on the surface , they are all around as the image , is there any thing am doing wrong or is like a bug , I am using standalone Dynamo studio 2017 version

You could try to flatten your surface to a plane, create the Voronoi on that and project it back for a more regular random pattern?


thanx for your reply , yes it is a very good idea ,except the distortion that will occur as you go up to the top of the sphere, however i saw some people have done it same to what i did and it’s working with them perfectly so i started to believe it’s some problem with the dynamo version

Could have some relevance to how the parameters of the face are mapped for the shape (though this could be completely different for you depending on how the surface was constructed) Let us know if you get this working :grinning:

@arcosamaq Try Curve.PullOntoSurface
Mostly, the error can be ignored.

voronoi1.dyn (21.4 KB)
voronoi2.dyn (27.7 KB)