Creating views and tagging elements


I am attempting to fix a script made by a previous employee (PE).

This script would create views and then tag elements in certain views, and ran from an excel file.

I will show the entire script and also important snippets, and if someone is interested a link to the dynamo script (I don’t know how to do this).

The problem:
The views are being created, but elements are not being tagged. Rooms are being tagged.

The tagging node used ‘Tag all by category in multiple views’ is a custom node created by the PE. I am not a coder, and have no hope of fixing it.

How can I get this to work??

Entire script below:

Excel file:

First part:

Second part:

Window tags: I have changed the tagging section of this to a tagging method which was working for me. I’ll attach a screenshot of that script to the end of this.

The tagging script as it is:

Room tags (which is working):

Hereis my working tagging file:

Thank you for reading!


Could you share rvt and dyn file here. It will help others who’s trying to help you.

Hi Kulkul,

Doh, of course I can.

Below are the dyn and the excel file used. I’ve got to rush out the door now but will attach our revit template ASAP :slight_smile:

CreateViews&TagsFromExcelFile.dyn (119.2 KB)
CreateViews&TagsFromExcelFile.xlsx (18.4 KB)


When you upload the rvt file, please also attach the ‘Tag all by category in multiple views’ node (the actual .dyf - you can find this by double clicking on the node and doing a save as).

The issue with that node appears to be buried inside some python code, so we’ll need that content to fix it. Alternatively there may be other options in another package which could work.

Assuming you’re in Dynamo 1.3.3?

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for your response. Sorry for my late reply.

It was very helpful to see I could right-click on a node and ‘edit custom node’!

I’ve attached the .dyf for the custom node which isn’t working which is ‘Tag All by Category…’, the Custom room node which is working ‘Tag rooms…’ and here is a link to a Revit file which the script is designed for.

Yes I am using Dynamo 1.3.3

Tag Rooms in Multiple Views.dyf (7.1 KB)
Tag All by Category in Multiple Views.dyf (7.1 KB)

Hi all,

Problem Solved! Thanks to @gaby424 from within this discussion.

Error happening as Revit’s API was updated in 2019 to not include the attribute ‘NewTag’, which was linked through an in-house custom tag, which was powered by @Konrad_K_Sobon’s ‘Create annotation Tag’ node.