Using excel to create new sheets. It was fine unit

I used this node to create new sheets in Revit from an excel file, column-1 is sheet number and column-2 is sheet name. It is a straight forward process. I did get the outcome expected . . . until I used a 2nd and 3rd excel file to create some more sheets from different consultants. The newer list from the 2nd excel file replaced the sheets created from the 1st excel file.

It seems like dynamo remember only the first excel file and I should have only used one excel file for all new sheets. Isn’t it the way it is? or it is a glitch?

Hi @Joe_Lee1

Assuming you did this:
Created Sheets in Revit with the graph
Changed the input (pointed to another Excel) without closing the Dynamo session & Revit
The default behaviour is to “update” the objects created instead of creating new ones

If this is what you did, can you try closing Dynamo (after the first set of sheets are created) and open the graph again and choose the second Excel file - That should append more sheets to your Revit file.
Hope this helps



Thanks for your advice. I did some more testing of your suggestion. I created a new excel of list ‘EGG-01’ and close revit before open dynamo. The new EGG sheets did added to Revit. However, the EGG-01 went to the ‘X’ folder and replaced ‘TEST-01’ unexpectedly. Dynamo still have some behavior that not easy to understand.