Creating revit elements from solids within dynamo

Hello Guys,

I know that this topic has been discussed earlier. However I just cannot seem to make it work.
I am making a 3d room model of a project using dynamo.
The main problem is transforming the solids into editable generic models in revit, so that I can add parameters to it later.
The problem is somewhere in the last couple of nodes, because revit recognises the shapes. However it does not place the generic models.

could anyone help me?

Kind regards,
Bob van der Hall

Hello @BobvanderHall ,

Actually it is not handy… :confused: you can export as sat and import to generic model or a projectfamily.



Hi @Draxl_Andreas,

Thanks for the quick reply.
I am not really familiar with SAT files.
How would this importing work? is it then still possible to add parameters to the seperate genereric models?

I am looking foreward hearing from you!

Thanks in advance.

I think it can be placed on this node