How to export solids obtained from a Revit project into a conceptual volume

Hello everyone,

I have written a scrip witch create solids from rooms boundary’s, i want to export thoose solids into revit. But if I use ImportInstance.ByGeometry I can’t modify them and i need to be able to add parameters, maybe change their forms…

So I think that I have to use Form.ByGeometry to create a conceptual mass with all my volumes and then import it in Revit.
But the issue is that Forms only exist in family documents and i need a project to get my solids. So is their a way to generate my solids in dynamo from my project and then import them into a conceptual mass ?

Here is my script :

If you want more informations tell me
Thank you for your answers.

i havent tried it but can you check this node: From Spring Nodes

The problem that i see is that your rooms are in the project environment.
You will have to start Dynamo in the Family environment.

Thank you for your answer.

The probleme is that when i open dynamo in the Family environment I can’t create the solids. Because their is no more element “room”.
So i need to get the elements “room” from a close document because they are no longers in the current one.

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Look into the Data.Remember node in Refinery. It will allow you open the graph in the project environment, save the geometry into the DYN, and save the DYN, close the DYN, open a new family environment, open the DYN, and work in the family document.