Level overlap error

I’m trying to make level by export data from excel file which has level and level name.
But it doesn’t work as I expected.
One level overlapped by another level just like this picture.
Is there a way to solve this problem without using package?

Q06_Excel Import02

This is my code.

Thank you in advance.

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Can you just change the Elevation to what you want? If your pulling 10 rows that all have the same value your going to get 10 levels in the same spot.


@ikek102030 You need to give the elevations from level 0, not from previous level. You should use the highlighted column in the attach image as your elevations:

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Thank you for your answer, @SeanP ,@SrijanGautam .
Your answers are perfectly work but I want to solve this problem only use Dynamo.
I mean, I want to solve this without changing excel file data.

And, how to add newly created level’s height to current level’s height?

Thank you.

Hello …

could something here help…


Looks like @sovitek has an answer for you. I didn’t understand fully what you were trying to do.

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Thank you for your nice answer, @sovitek .

Just one more thing, Is there a solution without using custom node?

Yes it is…but a longer way with OOTB nodes…another option is python…you could try to open @GavinCrump nice node and see how he had done it…good luck :wink:

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Thank you so much.
Have a nice day.

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Right over :wink:

Thanks for the shoutout @sovitek, and glad to see the node had found a use!

Probably more elegant ways to do it, but in principle my node just works its way through each item in the list, adds that item to a value and then yields it to a new list.

A yielding function is probably slightly more effective but a bit harder to learn from as the statement isn’t that well known.

I also add an optional ‘spacer’ to add between each instance of the sum, but by default it is 0.



yes just think it is a nice easy node to use and great with space option, instead of OOTB as here…


Still a nice use of List Scan there, I like that too!