String & Lists

Hi. Am wondering how to achieve this in Revit, using Dynamo.

Create & name levels sequentially. (Level Name should ideally read LVL 01, LVL 02 etc)

Tried using the Level.ByLevelOffsetAndName, but how can I pass a sequence of numbers with a prefix (say, LVL) as part of the same string?

Rollover on Offset shows <double> - What does this mean?

Also, when I re-run the script, new levels get generated - Is there any control that I am missing or it is designed to be like that?



R. Chandrasekar.


Hi R,

Is this what you’re asking for mate?







As for your second question, I believe it is designed like that. In order to edit them in Revit, after you’ve run the script, you’ll have to select them again through Dynamo or alternatively, edit them manually in Revit.

To control the grids after initial placement use either select model elements or select by category in dynamo. From here you can pick out each level and change its parameter Elevation using Element.SetParameterByName, moving the current levels rather than creating new ones.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks a lot-yes that’s what I wanted but I didn’t realise that my approach was trying to complicate it!!

Will test it with other nodes that can be used to create (named) levels & get back to u :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

R. Chandrasekar

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply

Will follow ur workflow & in case of queries, I’ll b back :slight_smile:

Best regards,

R. Chandrasekar