MEP Spaces from Architectural Rooms_Name problem

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I recreated Dynamo Script where MEP spaces are created from Architectural Room in MEP model. I used help from this forum and Dynamo MEP package.

The problem that I have is with naming of the MEP spaces. When script takes over names from the architectural model they all have numbers at the end, for instance:

In architectural model I have room named “Office” and it has number “22”. When the script copies that into the Space, room is named “Office 22”. How can I modify script that only uses name and not number? See picture for further explanation.

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You are right, I will change that in the DynamoMEP package. In the meantime, you can use this workaround with Element.GetParameterValueByName from the original rooms


Hi @Simon_Moreau,
Since you’re talking about updating the DynamoMEP package, for information the DuctTape and DynamoMEP packages are incompatible. I don’t know why.
Any clue @john_pierson ?

Like they won’t worry simultaneously?

DynamoMEP package disappears in the library when Duct Tape is installed.
Strange isn’t it ?

Eh, I bet I screwed something up. Let me check, that package needs updated anyway.

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Mine works fine. Run it the first time and it places all of the spaces on every floor.
Run it a second time, as is, and it will update all of the names and numbers as well.

ARCH Rooms to MEP Spaces_2 STEPS.dyn (18.9 KB)

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