Getting room parameters from linked architectural model and assigning them to space parameters in MEP model


Please Help!!

I have managed with the assistance of the forum to extract room names, numbers and the unbounded height from an architectual linked file.

The MEP spaces in my model have been created in revit and mimic the architectural rooms (including name and number).

I have assigned the extracted linked parameters to the space parameters within my model. However they are not reporting correctly (the room parameters are not assigning to the correct space). See attached schedule.

Also attached is the string/dynamo workflow that is returning this unwanted result.

What am I doing wrong?

Any assistance would be gratefully received.

Here’s one way to do it: by sorting the spaces based on their space numbers. You need to have your space numbers properly aligned with the room numbers though, otherwise it won’t work.



That worked out for me!

Many Thanks

Hi, silly question in this I’m guessing, but how do I make sure my space numbers are aligned to the rooms, without actually going into each and manually assigning them - in which case I might as well write the room names and numbers to the spaces anyway?

By using the space naming utility, or even better just make a little Dynamo script for it. Every space already has the parameters Room Number and Room Name. So all you have to do is transfer those to the Space Number and Space Name.

Or since Revit 2017 you can do it through the Analyze tab on the ribbon:

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Thank you!

Unfortunately the project I’m on is using Revit 2016, but I’ll give the Script a shot, though the issue is I’m not able to match the Spaces and Rooms, when I do the naming is completely wrong…

I’m going to try matching the spaces to the rooms by using the Area and Perimeter Values to index the lists.

Again, thanks!

I can’t really zoom in on my previous post, but I believe it does exactly what you want: align spaces with rooms by comparing room numbers and then sorting the space list

I came up with a work-around, as long as I use a linked file that have Rooms specified in it, and then create the Spaces, I can use this script to populate the names - I’m assuming this is exactly what the Space Naming in Revit 2017 does.

Just note, if you create the spaces from a linked file, as soon as you remove the link - the geometry for the spaces breaks and although the Spaces are still in place, they are just placeholders without boundaries.

Spaces IDs matched to Rooms.dyn (8.3 KB)

Hi guys,

I know this is an old thread but I developed a very similar script and now it turns out that we cannot guarantee that the Room Name/Number are unique in the architectural model.

Now i could of course compare the geometry of rooms and spaces to find the corresponding ones, but I’m wondering if this is the smartest ways - the Space actually knows which Room is the corresponding ones, it’s just not showing more than the Room / Number. I found this entry in the Revit API Docs, but I’m not quite sure it’s really what I’m looking for:

Anyone have an idea how to expose the ID of the room for a space in Dynamo using python?

Cheers, Lejla