Room and Space

I am sorry if this question has been asked before but I am having a hard time finding it if it was.

Does anyone have a good way of checking to make sure a space aligns with a room in a linked model? What I am trying to do is copy some parameters from a linked arch models room to a space in an MEP model. I can get the list of rooms and spaces but I am struggling with matching them up so that I am sure I have the same space for the room combination. I am new to dynamo so thanks in advance for the help.

I’m not too familiar with MEP workflows and extracting data from linked files (Dynamo didn’t extract linked file data when I tried ).

However, I hope this helps. Works if Rooms and Spaces are in the same project file.

File: RoomSpace.dyn



Hi Jeff,

I actually made a script fro that exact purpose.

Hope it works for you!

Script - Room Prams to Space Params(BoundingBox)

Thanks Vikram I will take a look and see how you did it.

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Thanks Sylvester I will give it a look and see if it works.

Sylvester I get some nodes not loaded errors when I take a look at the one you sent.

Which nodes? You proberly just missing some packege


install these packeges


Sylvester, Im a bit confused at what this script is doing. I have modified it as attached but I am still getting nul values when it comes time to write the parameters into my active file. I am as a simple test just trying to take the comments from the rooms in the arch linked model to the comments in the spaces in my active model. What have I done wrong do you know or can you explain the process I am missing? Thanks



basically what it’s doing, is checking which room contains a space, and then gets two list one list with rooms and one with the spaces.
The sort by key nodes make sure that the spaceses and rooms lists, are aligned correctly, after that its simply getting the parameters from the room and copying them to the spaces.

Ofcourse all this filtering is only necessary if you have rooms with no spaces.

I can see why you are confused! this was made for a specific purpose, and will ned to be modified a little to serve your need, i will do it tomorow and send you a updatet file.

Hi Jeff,

Could you try this out, and get back to me if any thing goes wrong?

Script - Room Prams to Space Params(BoundingBox)

Soory, there were a few stupid mistakes in the last file

Try this insted

Script - Room Prams to Space Params(BoundingBox)(Community)

Sylvester, nothing to be sorry about. I was able to understand what you were doing and found that I needed to change some things in the original script late last night. I found that in the original script you were trying to write the new value back into the link vs pulling the value from the link and putting it into the active file (atleast I hope I understand that lol). Looking at the script you just posted that’s one of the changes you made.


The new one you posted didn’t run the first time around but I was able to track down what needed to change.


Thanks for all of the help.

Awsome! Glad you were able to fit your need!