Creating Spaces in MEP model from Rooms in linked Architectural model

Hello All, To give the back story on my question, I’m wanting to create spaces automatically in my MEP model based off of the rooms from a linked Architectural model. I am currently running Dynamo 0.9 latest stable release. I’ve started by adapting Daniel Nielsen’s python script, found in another post, into a single node that asks for level and point data of the rooms, and then will kick out spaces based on those inputs. Here is a screenshot of that original python script.


check this out :slight_smile:

Hi Tomasz,

That is great! Thanks for sharing that with me! I’ll download the package and post my results. Thanks again for taking the time to respond!


Just to give an update, the DynamoMEP package works phenomenally for this task. The only thing I did different in my script which deviated from the example in the blog, was make the link selection “dynamic” since our models typically have more than one link in them. Very awesome!

Just to share with everybody, I took it a step further and pushed the room names and numbers to the newly created spaces as well. See ya later SNU! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

I don’t know what the trouble is? To many rooms?

Thanks for you input!


i cant download this package from daynmo in revit ?

Best to start a new topic as this topic is 7+ years old and has a solution, and the blog post is from 2015 when Dynamo was only a beta application. I do see the package on package manager though, so you should be able to access it. Please start a new topic and we will help you get squared away.

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