Batch adding text parameters to Mechanical Equipment families for equipment scheduling in REVIT 2019

This is a very complex workflow for a new user. My advice is always to begin with the basics before you tackle a full workflow… then use this as your ‘rite of passage’ to truly enter the world of Dynamo.

Still I offer some pointers:
Shared parameters can be added in a workflow similar to this:

Adding them to multiple files is far more challenging however… it requires a lot of excel data processing and use of the Orchid package. Check out this post where I showed a user how to open families in the background for parameter adjustment: Creating Family Types in Revit

I recommend as a new user however you focus on some fundamentals first;

  • Get/set element parameters
  • Family instance vs. type to Dynamo elements
  • Process excel tables
  • Manage lists, sublists and transpose/mapping data

The Dynamo primer has some great starting points for all of these.

Don’t rush!