Family Types from Excel

I’m trying to use Dynamo to push multiple types, generated from an excel file, into an existing family.

There used to be an “ElementType.Duplicate” which I think is the missing link (I believe it was from the Clockwork package?).

Getting the required types to populate as a list from Excel is straight forward enough but I’m struggling to duplicate the required family types.

Is this something which is achievable with Dynamo?

Many thanks.

Hi @StrangeQuark

Yes it is.

Could you please show us image of your graph where you got stuck?

Hi Kukul,
Thank you for getting back to me.

This was based on a previously closed thread which used the “ElementType.Duplicate” node. The closest I can find is “ElementTypesMatchList” but this has different inputs. Perhaps I’m just missing the node from the package?

Please see attached screenshot of graph. I’ve selected the family from the drawing and created a list from an external Excel so just need to create duplicate family types and push the names in the list to the newly created families.

Reason this is needed is that we have a large number of family types which need to be managed from an excel/access file for ease of maintenance.

Many thanks,

Hi @StrangeQuark !
It works fine with me, I think you are missing the node.

OK, thanks Ahmad, I’ll try re-installing the package. Just to confirm, is that node from the clockwork package?

All the best.

OK, I was missing the node. All working now. Thanks.

I was doing well until…

…Trying to push the Excel generated type name into an instance parameter. Graph runs ok but returns “null” values when trying to set the parameter? Am I missing something obvious?


I should add this is an instance parameter in an annotation family I’m trying to set, not sure if it makes any difference but thought I’d add for completeness.