Element filter by name

Hi all,

I’m very new to Dynamo so I will apologise now. I’m trying to copy a script I found for showing grids in 3D, I was going well until I came across “Elements.FilterByName”
I have looked every where and just cant find it. Could anyone point me in the right direction. I have attached a screen shot!

Thanks in advanced.



I do not know where that node lives but you could use the method below to filter your elements by name:

Hope it helps!


It belongs to the Clockwork package, the internal contents of it are exactly what @Renzoj14 has shown you though :slight_smile:

(found via the “Rhythm.WhatTheNode” node from the Rhythm package - I always try this node first when looking for a node’s source package :blush: )


nice! i was not aware of this node.

Thank you so much. that helps. wow way too much to learn haha.