Creating aligments-profiles-corridors from Polylines3D

Hello i wonder if is there a node that transform a Poly3D into a profile.

The target is to generate corridors from poly3d.

  1. I transform a Poly3D into Poly2D ( with Civil3D commands, is there a node for that in dynamo?) ,
  2. so that it is possible to get an aligment associated by AlignmentExtensions.CreateAlignmentByPolyline node.
  3. Once you get the aligment, I would like to associate the poly3d geometry as the profile of the aligment.
    The target is to generate corridors from poly3d.

Thank you very much.

Hello @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 hope you are fine! Maybe i miss something, does this node from video exist in the package?
If I want to create this node, would the inputs be polilyne3D? And outputs alignment & Profile ? and then use the package’s corridor formation nodes?

Thank you

Not one node. It will take a couple.

AlignmentProfileFromPoly3D.dwg (943.6 KB)
AlignmentProfileFromPoly3D.dyn (84.3 KB)


Thank you @mzjensen , I’ll take a look to this. I see, there is a step before , creating geometry in dynamo in order to get inputs to other nodes.