generate a profile from a polyline

Hello, I recently discovered Dynamo, I would like some help from my colleagues to optimize my time.

I managed to create the alignment using a polyline, I found it very simple. However, when it comes to the profile, I confess that I’m a little lost, could anyone give me some guidance? where to start.

Welcome to the forum.
The search and the ”related posts” in bottom is really great. Check it out.

I had already seen it, but I wasn’t successful in what I wanted and as it’s 2021, I thought maybe they had more functions nowadays.

If you are working with 3D polylines, certain countrykids have the option to turn a 3D polyline in to an alignment. The profile will have the correct hight coming from the 3D polyline. See the attached screenshot for the location of the command in Toolspace. This is the Dutch countrykid.
Convert 3D polyline to alignment

Next, when working with a polyline drawn in a profileview I made a script ones that creates a profile from it with the following details.

van N Profilepolyline naar N Profile.dyn (58.1 KB)

Hope this gets you going. Again, it is an older / simple script, rebuilding / making it smarter will take some time which I don’t have.

Good luck!

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