Create Multiple Corridors

Dear friends, is there any NODE, or routine in Phyton, to create multiple Corridors?

@silas.junior you can use the Civil 3D Toolkit v1.1.17. See this post:

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There is an interesting video about this. Mayve It would work with a lista of polilĂ­ines and assembly associated.

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is there way to create multiple corridor from feature lines

No, feature line based corridors are not supported.

is there dynamo to rename multiple alingments , corridor , assemblies match with specific naming convention

Yes, you can do all that in Dynamo using list and object properties. You shouldn’t need a custom node for that.

pls guide me how is that

For example with this graph you can add prefix and sufix to all the alignment’s name. If you can explain what exactly you need I could help.
Add_Prefix_Sufix_Alignments_Names.dyn (10.9 KB)