Creating Adaptive families using Dynamo for Revit


Hello all,

I am trying to model reinforcement in Revit. It is quite common for Post tension cables to be present in the design. Havard Vasshaug has done a great job in creating PT cables using adaptive points in Revit, but the family itslef is cumbersome and hard to manage. I thought Dynamo can do the trick. Please the picture to get an idea. Please give me ideas or starting pointers, I can work on this. Thanks


Just went through Havard Vasshaug’s blog post: Post Tension Structures in Revit

If I understand your problem correctly, you want to manage the PT cable adaptive component with Dynamo.

When using a 3 point family, group the points in sub lists of three and use AdaptiveComponentByPoints to place them.

Likewise, sub lists with 5 points, for the 5 point family.

I’m being vague, but I hope you get the idea.

In any case Dynamo is very good at doing such jobs.

You could refer to this discussion, it’s related but not similar.


Hello Vikram,

Thanks for the reply. I am not quite getting it. Can you explain me much more elaborately.



The definition below works with the 3 point AC.

Revit File: PT-Slab.rvt

Dynamo: pt-ac.dyn



I totally feel your frustration with that family. Dynamo does provide a good interface for managing it, but i thought i’d drop a quick note of caution in here just to point out that any Dynamo script will need to take into account the placement direction. I worked a little with Havard on the PT stuff (he was the genius on it though…) and that family is very touchy… if you draw it in the wrong direction from Revit’s point of view (left to right vs right to left) it will completely blow up in your face.


@Vikram you are a genius! I will try using it in different instances and let you know. Thanks a lot.

@Osborne finally could talk to you. What you guys did was awesome! I have some problems while I place it in the model. I tried placing it in plan view with the workplane and it is ok in one direction If I change the plane it messes up. Could you give me a workflow on that?

Both of you keep up the great work. #Respect