Adaptive Component Behavior

I’m placing a two point adaptive component using Dynamo, for some reason when placed with Dynamo the ends of the component are cut at a strange angle. Has anyone got any idea where i;m going wrong? If i place the family in Revit by two points it cuts how I want it.

Second image is how i want it to cut the family

Simple answer: rebuild the AC and make it more robust (increase adaptive points and use more reference lines). 2 points for any AC usually results in these types of problems and that’s just using Revit. Add Dynamo to the mix and ACs with few references become even more unpredictable.

Yes, similar to another discussion that’s going on I see, I was building the adaptive component from a face based generic model, the profile of which is also read by Dynamo, you can’t even copy and paste linework into an adaptive component from a profile so i’d have to trace over this imported profile :frowning:

Thanks anyway

Fixed it! Thanks to @Daniel_Woodcock1 in my office, i’m new to adaptive components… needed to lock it to the plane of a reference line drawn between the adaptive points.

No worries @Michael_Forrest1. Awesome connection and super flexible too. Nice one. :wink: