How to create Adaptive family using Dynamo

I am trying to create an adaptive family using dynamo.
I have created one solid in dynamo as a family (generic model) and I want to attach another family (adaptive family) to that solid with corner of the solid. I have used Springs package to create family.

I am a beginner of Dynamo and Revit, my main aim is to attach new adaptive family to the existing family with reference to some points in the existing family.

Thank in advance.

Surface generator_checking.dyn (49.5 KB)

hi for some reason your file doesn’t open on my PC, did you try adaptive points node…?
create equal number or multiple of equal number of reference points in the family and the load your new family and try this node it worked for me.
Note : your input points should be in proper sublists ( for ex. if you have 5 pts per family your ref point input should have 5 points on every sublist i.e, it doesnt work if you flatten)
hope this helps

Hi Saju,
Thanks for your help and I noticed the node adaptive points, but I am trying to created adaptive family in the Revit model like creating genric models using spring package.
In the same way I want to create adaptive family and attach with another family in same revit model using dynamo.
If you provide mail id I can send my dynamo file through mail for more clarification.

I believe that the reason you can’t open the file is because it’s for Dynamo 2.0.

Thanks Jacob. I will try to avoid getting in touch personally.

Feel free to do so via a PM. I did start a group message for you two. :slight_smile: