Adaptive component placement

Good morning, I have a problem placing adaptive components made in revit using dynamo. I have tried several times in different ways, creating different families of different points, grouping them in different ways and with different points and there is no way, I need it and it does not place me even the easiest adaptive family, help please, thank you.

What is the error message you are getting? Maybe you need to set list level lacing to @L2 and @L1

the arguments have issues, i have done a list of 4 points to put the family of 4 points there, thanks

Without having the Dynamo graph or the family, it looks ok to me.
Your family obviously has 4 adaptive points, and the order of your points is correct ??
Do the units of your points match your project i.e it is not creating extremely small geometry ??

You are wiring the list of points into the AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints node, but it needs a list of lists of points. Feed the second List.Create node into the points input and see if that resolves things. As Andrew mentioned you will also need to ensure the order is correct, and that the geometry can be built at the given scale (ie: 1mm x1mm might be too tight to make the shape work in)