Creating a Revit adaptive family from dynamo


I work a lot with adaptive families in Revit. I use dynamo to populate them in right locations in the project file, and it is a great tool for that. What I find quite time consuming is creating adaptive families. Let say that I want to create a simple adaptive box. I have all the corners coordinates, and I can populate them in family file. However I have no idea if it’s possible to automate next steps, which is creating lines between the points, that would be associated to those points, as well as create the form/void with those lines. I would imagine that this is possible with some scripting, am I right?



Created an adaptive Eight Cornered Object.

A cuboid to begin with. Everything’s done in Dynamo with an empty AC family file (.rfa) as the base. No scripting required.

The function defined at the beginning can be avoided by listing out the points in the desired sequence (corresponding to the adaptive point numbers)

Files: AdaptiveComponent-8.dyn, AdaptiveComponent-8.rfa




An adaptive cube with Design Script

File: CubeAC-DS.dyn