Creating a section view of the overall plan

I’m trying to create a section view for the overall site plan, but I can’t seem to find anything to base the section view off of. Obviously every project varies in size so I wouldn’t want to set a constant value, instead something that changes in respect to the project size. Every article I’ve found relates to structural details or something for architects that doesn’t quite do what I’m looking to do, so I don’t know where to even start. The picture below shows the manual section view I’m creating for the linked in arch model. The reason I’m trying to create a overall section view is to be able to automate the creation of riser diagrams.

A thought:
Try doing similar to the detail items but using a scope box, or a bounding box created by the maximum and minimum geometries.


Hi Jacob,

I don’t know exactly what you’re saying but is it something along the lines of getting all the walls locations and using that to determine the coordinates of the entire building? Basically I would go through the list of walls and if they have the lowest/highest X, Y, or Z coordinate keep it, otherwise discard. Then after I have the highest and lowest coordinates I can determine the length my section view needs to be?

No. use a scope box instead of the walls. If a scope box doesn’t exist use a bounding box which is dynamo element (literally a box) that contains the input elements. It has no geometry and is defined by two points - a minimum and maximum value. You can create one of these with the BoundingBox.ByElements node in the Clockwork package.

Once you have that you can set your section angle and set the extents to be that of the bounding box.